Dreams, family, success?

Here’s the option I got:

  1. Taking post-graduate degree in design. I think RMIT University, is always been dream. It’s in Melbourne, it’s the best #17 design major university in the world. And after doing some research, I found out that so many great advertising agency who got rewards are in Australia. BBDO Australia got the advertising agency in Cannes Lions this year. And so many design studios too. But actually, New York is the dream plan. Like seriously, I think the one thing that could re-fire me is the dream I can be the creative director in one of New York’s advertising agency. SHIT.
  2. Go straight building career in advertising agency. I start my career in 21st, which is actually SO LATE, David Droga started working in agency when he was 18. And here, in Indonesia, I know that I couldn’t expect much. I should go other countries where the advertising is much more ahead. But i realise, that my family is not a wealthy one, I will really need so much money, my parents are getting old, i need to have stable job, in case survival mode is needed. And the thing I worry is, agency love young people. So if started the career in 24, so in what age I will get the high position? And I mean, I have to get married? See? It’s hard already.
  3. Taking post-graduate in business. This is the plan when I decided that i have given up advertising and design industry. I will absolutely take master degree in business, to soon enough opening my own business. Opening a business actually is quite hopeful where I can have a steady and close family, because I know when a business is quite steady already, I will have a very flexible time to manage my business, I can manage my family time. But you know, building a business is not that easy either, so many business are failing before even started.

I’m quite done with having a fixed plan you know, because everything I have planned, once again, it’s like God wanted me to understand to trust him, more. To keep my option open, while giving my best in my condition at the moment.

I let my future to be a beautiful mystery God has prepared for me, because I fully trust Him, and I know he understands me the best, He knows what I want, what will be my destiny, what could bring me happiness. He got it best.

So yeah, here I am right now.


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