Room for improvements.

Dear myself,

I heard you. You are in this state, called insecurities. It, is, eating you alive. It is. Let me guess, one thought become two, two become three, now you have ten thoughts why you’re sucks? And suddenly, all this amazing journey, achievements, all those powerful rise back, many tears and heartbroken that brought you here with such wise and kindhearted women, means nothing? All these years you’ve been a great fighter, means literally nothing? Really?

Look back dear, how many times you’ve inspired so many people for overcoming your unfortunate loss in life, and turn it into drive and brought you here today as an ahead competitor in the race? It can’t be just one? Or two? Remember how your energy and spirit, fire up many others’? Remember those times?

But you will always reach this point: “I feel it, I need a bigger pond already, because I can’t stand it, spending another day knowing I’m not growing anymore here.”

You remember that amazing urge of yours? Where maybe most people will stay, and decided not to face their actual fear to face the real world. And magically, dear, that expensive spirit? It is actually the thing that brought you here today. The amazing you.

If you were a safe person, you will just be staying behind, never took chances, don’t imagine you’ll reached here, today. Your today is actually an award for never staying in a small pond. And, again, this actually is another series of moving to a bigger pond.

And you actually are here. In the process of getting to a bigger pond. Who said, it will be a smooth way? Who said? No one. Dear, you, are, here, as a prove your are in the process of getting there real soon. Day by day will pass, hour by hour, you cover up one weakness, then you cover two, three, and without you realise you actually have covered, almost. I didn’t say all, because I believe nobody can cover it all.

Room for improvements. Yes, dear, because those are the things that will show up first to your face when you’re crossing the bridge to a bigger pond. You will immediately face it, why? Those points showed up to your face, because those are the gaps, you are gonna fill, for sure if you decided to go through that bigger pond. And it is okay, to feel scared. To be panicked when you finally realise your points, because you never see it when you’re comfort in a small pond. If you never realise it, you can never jump through. So now you see it, then you know what to fill, right?

Repeat this after me. God, is, in, every, step. He is teaching you reaching step by step. He is letting you to go through this, for a beautiful destiny He has prepared for you.

You are all over the place now. Remember when you’re panicked? You didn’t produce or reach anything but that assumption than ‘you’re gonna failed’, in fact you will never fail.

Calm down, take a deep breath, finish and fill those first room of improvements. Just the first one, forget the rest, forget it all, focus on the first one. Don’t think about failing, because even if you fail, you didn’t define anything bad about you. It’s just simply a fact that you’re learning, and fyi all the great people have been here, and you’re getting there. But when you gave up, that will define you. When you fail, you just eliminate one way you wouldn’t go through to reach your destination. Finally you learn how to reach there gracefully, and these days will become memories.


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